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Selected NYC/Regional: Emma in Phallacy (Off-Broadway with Simon Jones), Treadwell in Tracking Gertrude Treadwell,  Mrs.Van Daan in Days and Nights: Page 121, lines 11 and 12, Europa, Mary Beth in A Prayer For Owen Meany (U.S. Premiere, PlayMakers Repertory Company), Alice in Hobson’s Choice (dr. Blake Robison), Metamorphoses (dr .Joe Haj), Goneril (US) in King Lear (dr. Mark Wing-Davey), The Mystery Spot (dr. Holly Hughes), Abigail in The Crucible (ADC Theatre-UK), All About Eve (dr. Joan Darling), Rosalind in As You Like It (PATP), The Winter’s Tale (Pearl Theatre), Fits and Starts: The Sacred Heart (Access Theatre), Brilliant Traces, Comedy of Errors, Night Sky, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Blue Window (Festival Playhouse, MI). MFA: UNC-Chapel Hill; AEA.

For a complete acting resume (PDF)

Selected Reviews

Carrie Heitman’s Karen is a beautiful swirl of strong and weak, needy and independent, dominant and submissive.  That Heitman can play it all so convincingly is astonishing – she truly reaches a place of raw emotion and lays bare the soul of this character.  Rather than playing Karen as an overbearing harping shrew who then deflates when challenged she finds the inner core of her and elevates Karen to a much richer, complex individual–Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

Carrie Heitman’s Karen could have been a total bitch, and she’s called one by most of the other characters, but Heitman focuses on her desperate search for love rather than her surface bluster— David Sheward, Backstage

...”One major player is Alex’s girlfriend Karen (played by the hilarious, on-point, somebody-please-give-her-a-sitcom Carrie Heitman)
–Weston Clay, Theatre Is Easy

“Carrie Heitman is perfectly grounded and open as Emma Finger”  — Broadway

“Heitman does what she can with an underwritten part, and succeeds in making Emma the most sympathetic figure within the play.” — Theater Mania

“Heitman, as Greta, performs wonderfully strong, loyal, defensive and stoic — becoming aware only incrementally of the strange depths that her estranged family has sunk to over the years of her absence…” — Off Off Theatre

“Heitman is wonderfully Type-A as Greta, a woman who carries a holier-than-thou air even though she is not without her own checkered past.” — Martin Denton, NY

“Heitman, saddled with the challenge of playing “the perfect teacher,” was able to create a very warm, real person; the public school system would be only too lucky to recruit an instructor like this.” — Off Off Online

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