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Carrie Heitman is a NYC-based actor and teaching artist. Originally from Michigan, she attended Kalamazoo College, receiving the Nelda K. Balch Scholarship and earned a BA in Philosophy and Theatre.  She has traveled extensively and performed in the UK, Poland, Russia and Malaysia.  Carrie received her MFA from UNC-Chapel Hill earning the Louise Lamont Award for Excellence and awarded Honors in all areas of performance. She also taught undergraduate teaching positions for three consecutive years. Carrie is currently a teaching artist for the Roundabout Theatre Company and studies with Allen Schoer at the TAI Group.

As an actor, selected NYC/Regional: Emma in Phallacy (Off-Broadway with Simon Jones), Treadwell in Tracking Gertrude Treadwell,  Mrs.Van Daan in Days and Nights: Page 121, lines 11 and 12, Europa, Mary Beth in A Prayer For Owen Meany (U.S. Premiere, PlayMakers Repertory Company), Alice in Hobson’s Choice (dr. Blake Robison), Metamorphoses (dr .Joe Haj), Goneril (US) in King Lear (dr. Mark Wing-Davey), The Mystery Spot (dr. Holly Hughes), Abigail in The Crucible (ADC Theatre-UK), All About Eve (dr. Joan Darling), Rosalind in As You Like It (PATP), The Winter’s Tale (Pearl Theatre), Fits and Starts: The Sacred Heart (Access Theatre), Brilliant Traces, Comedy of Errors, Night Sky, A Midsummer Nights’Dream, Blue Window (Festival Playhouse, MI). MFA: UNC-Chapel Hill; AEA.

For a complete Teaching Resume (PDF).


“I found your acting classes at the time I started with you, to be refreshing in their approach to technique. I have been offered through your guidance more than one way of looking at things. I was always greatly enthused by your energy and casualty in class, and by your ability to choose interesting and unexpected pieces to work on. Times in which I felt confused by your direction or comments were usually cleared up when I stopped my scrutiny of them. In this year, as well as in last, I have heard many former students of yours (at PPAS) attest to your merits as a teacher. An important asset of yours, one that I sadly find many teachers (performing arts and other)lacking, is approachability.”

Emma Biegacki, PPAS, student

“My daughter, Juliette Kessler, has taken acting classes all over the city and I can say without hesitation that the work she has done with Carrie Heitman as her teacher and her private acting coach has been the most rewarding.  Ms. Heitman hits the perfect balance between challenging and nurturing and has given my daughter the confidence and the techniques needed to successfully audition for competitive acting programs.”

Author, Asti Hustvedt, parent

“It is my continual privilege to work with Carrie Heitman.  Her talent and professionalism move me.

Carrie is a valued member of my Master Acting Class.  She exhibits great intuitive understanding coupled with a vibrant curiosity.  I trust her instincts and perceptions.  Her approach is visceral and organic.  She has the ability to totally inhabit a character, using her body, voice and emotions with great eloquence.  Without any affectation, she displays an appealing vulnerability, maturity and an engaging charisma.  Shakespeare is a particular passion of hers.

Carrie’s dedication to taking on new risks and challenges inspires others.  She is hard working, playful, and optimistic.  She cultivates an experience of total collaboration with all members of our ensemble.  It is evident that she is committed to their growth as well.

Finally, Carrie expresses a compelling vision for the theatre coupled with a fervent dedication to the realization of her dreams.  I know she will make a valuable contribution to your program.”

Allen Schoer, Artistic Director, TAI

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